Dark Chocolate Cough Cure

How to Cure a Persistent Cough With Dark Chocolate

A recent report in one of the national tabloids has reported that chocolate could be a key factor in tackling a persistent cough.

So, how can something like chocolate cure a persistent cough?

It's all down to an ingredient that is naturally present in cocoa and chocolate called theobromine.

Researchers are currently carrying out the last phases of clinical trials on a new medicine or drug that will contain theobromine.

The great thing about theobromine is that it is safe to take with none of the side-effects you get with many over-the-counter products such as drowsiness.

And, better still, theobromine will deal with the cause of cough, whereas other cough medicine products only soothe the symptoms.

London's National Heart and Lung Institute has done a little bit of research on theobromine.

It found that it's 33 per cent more effective than codeine at stopping coughing.

So, How Does The Chocolate Cough Cure Work?


We have a nerve in our bodies called the vagus. This nerve is responsible for the persistent coughing that we sometimes get. Theobromine gets directly to the root of the vagus nerve to effectively stop the coughing.

Persistent coughing is a very common condition and can be very hard to treat. The reason for this is that its simply not possible to administer large doses of codeine to patients as it contains opioid.

Medication that is opioid-based has side-effects, and there are dangers with over-dosing.

When this drug is finally developed, the potential to bring great relief and a much-improved quality of life to persistent cough sufferers will be fantastic.

Unrefined cocoa has amazing health benefits and it's believed to be able to wipe out the four biggest and most common killers in the Western world such as, Cancer, Strokes, diabetes and Heart disease.

So, when you next feel a cough coming on, eat plenty of antioxidant-rich dark chocolate.