Black Rice Health Benefits

Is Black Rice a Superfood?

On the list of superfoods, Black Rice has got to be near the top.

As far as health benefits are concerned, black rice benefits is the same as brown rice, however it goes further because of something it contains called anthyocyanins.

These are plant-based pigments that you will also see in the acai berry and other dark berries.

Black rice is high in free-radical fighting antioxidants.

The American Chemical Society are going as far as saying that just a spoonful of back rice is actually more healthier for you than the equivalent amount of blueberries. This is down to the fact that it has less sugar, more fiber and vitamin E than the blueberries.

Just a small caveat.Blueberries contain more sugar than black rice, however black rice is a grain. If you are sensitive to gluten then consume with caution or even avoid if unsure.

In Asia, black rice is very popular as they use it in their noodles, sushi and even puddings.

Originally introduced in the US in 1995, the Americans are 'latching' on to this superfood and it's fast becoming popular with them.

Interestingly, many centuries ago, in ancient China the emperors prohibited the common people from eating black rice as they knew it was so good..they wanted it all for themselves!

Because of it's antioxidant power, scientists are realizing that this staple food, could be instrumental in helping to soothe inflammation related to allergies such as asthma and other diseases.

It is widely believed that prolonged inflammation is associated with the beginnings and progression of allergies, cancer, heart and infectious diseases.

So introducing black rice into your diet would be a sensible health move to prevent or even treat these disorders.

Currently, not many studies have been made on Black Rice, however the results so far are encouraging.

Some experiments have suggested that black rice bran can actually suppress the release of histamine, which we know causes inflammation in the body.

Because unmilled black rice retains its bran, It's also a good source of fiber.

A Safe Alternative For Food Coloring?

Scientists are working on black rice as a substitute or healthier alternative to artificial food colorants. 

What happens is that the pigments in black rice bran extracts, are able to generate different colors ranging from black to even pink.

Some studies have shown links to child behavioral problems and even cancers related to food coloring..

So, hopefully this could eventually stop manufacturers adding these artificial colorants to certain foods and drinks. 

As you can see, there are many black rice benefits, so adding this superfood to your diet will not be difficult. 

It has a pleasant fragrant aroma, a nutty taste and a high nutritional value. So add black rice to your healthy shopping list!