6 Longer Life Tips To Ensure a Golden Age

Longer Life Tips

There is no real secret for living to a ripe old age. It's really down to plain old common sense, eating plenty of antioxidants and a little know-how.

First up, choose a healthy lifestyle.

In a study of as many as 30,000 women, it was found that those following healthy living guidelines, were 35 percent less likely to develop cancer. Try and aim to maintain a normal body mass index, BMI.

Eat your 5 fruit and veg a day, go easy and cut down on the red meat, animal fats and alcohol. Also and quit smoking.

Next, eat less.

If you have a lower calorific intake, your body's metabolic system will process more efficiently. This will produce fewer free radicals that speed up aging. along with enhancing the body's ability to repair cells.

Number three, eat more protein.


Protein is extremely important because an abundance of it will maintain muscle mass, aid detoxification and help maintain the immune system to protect against infection. Also, without protein, the body's key regulatory processes are completely undermined.

Fourth tip, get some anti aging supplements inside you!

There are many anti aging supplements out there that will claim to combat the symptoms of aging and make you live as long as Methuselah. But you had to pick only one that will do the job, then it has to be the antioxidant CO Q10 or otherwise known as Coenzyme Q10. This is a great energy booster.

Fifth tip, get stressed, mildly!

When we get mildly stressed our cells start to break down, after which a natural repair mechanism kicks in. This, produces proteins that go out and repair the damage, removing harmful disease-causing chemicals at the same time. This results in the cells now becoming stronger than before.

To keep this amazing self-repair system chugging along efficiently, you should seek out mild stress. What is mild stress?
Well, it could be something like a timed crossword puzzle, or maybe running for a bus.

Final tip, walk, and walk everywhere!

A recent study compared cognitive decline associated with dementia and the amount of walking done by more than 2,000 men over 71 years of age. Those who walked the least were almost twice as likely to develop dementia.

So you see, some simple longer life tips that are easy to do. Just some minor habit and lifestyle changes to make maybe.

What lengths will you go to ensure you could potentialy live a healthier, happier and longer life?